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  • Industrial Boiler General Fan 9-38

    Describe The 9-38 series boiler centrifugal fan is to make the fan work in the high-efficiency zone when the industrial boiler is operating under variable conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The high-efficiency and energy-saving products promoted by the State Economic Commission and the Ministry of Machinery Industry have the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, and wide high-efficiency zone of performance curves. This fan is suitable for 0.5~35t/h industrial boile...

  • Industrial Boiler General Fan 9-35

    Describe At present, there are many boiler series, and the coal quality varies greatly. After installing dust removal equipment and waste heat utilization equipment, the lack of suction will affect the normal operation. Boiler combustion and normal operation, so the design and manufacture of 9-35 boiler centrifugal fans whose air volume and air pressure match the boiler are available for users to choose. Others with similar performance can also be used. Type The fan can be made into two forms...

  • Industrial Boiler General Fan 7-41

    Describe The main features of the 7-41 type industrial boiler ventilation fan are: high fan efficiency, high total pressure, low noise, flat performance curve, wide economic use area, and the use of backward plate-shaped blades. The internal pressure efficiency is 86.5% Noise index (ratio A sound level) LS=11.5 decibels, these two indexes are the same as those of various industrial boilers currently available in China Compared with other types of fans, they are at the best level. If the fan r...

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