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What is a cyclone ?

Cyclone dust remover is a kind of dust removal device. The dust removal mechanism is to make the dusty air flow rotate, separate the dust particles from the air flow by centrifugal force and collect them on the wall of the filter, and then make the dust particles fall into the ash hopper by gravity. Each component of the cyclone dust remover has a certain size proportion. The change of each proportion relationship can affect the efficiency and pressure loss of the cyclone dust remover, among which the diameter of the dust remover, the size of the air inlet and the diameter of the exhaust pipe are the main influencing factors. It should be noted that when a certain limit is exceeded, favorable factors can also be converted into unfavorable factors. In addition, some factors are beneficial to improve the dust removal efficiency, but they will increase the pressure loss, so the adjustment of all factors must be taken into account.
Cyclone dust remover was used in 1885 and has developed into various forms. According to the air inlet mode, it can be divided into tangential inlet type and axial inlet type. Under the same pressure loss, the latter can handle about three times as much gas as the former, and the gas flow distribution is uniform.
The cyclone dust remover is composed of an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, a cylinder, a cone and an ash hopper. Cyclone dust remover is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, install, maintain and manage, and low in equipment investment and operation cost. It has been widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from gas flow or solid particles from liquid. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on particles is 5~2500 times of gravity, so the efficiency of cyclone is significantly higher than that of gravity settling chamber. Based on this principle, a cyclone dust removal device with a dust removal efficiency of more than 90% has been successfully developed. Among mechanical dust collectors, cyclone dust collector has the highest efficiency. It is applicable to the removal of non viscous and non fibrous dust, mostly used to remove μ Particles above m, parallel multi tube cyclone dust remover device μ The particles of m also have a dust removal efficiency of 80-85%. The cyclone dust remover is made of special metal or ceramic materials that are resistant to high temperature, abrasion and corrosion. The temperature can reach 1000 ℃ and the pressure can reach 500 × 105Pa. The control range of pressure loss of cyclone dust remover is generally 500~2000Pa in terms of technology and economy. Therefore, it belongs to medium efficiency dust remover, and can be used for the purification of high-temperature flue gas. It is a widely used dust remover, mostly used for boiler flue gas dedusting, multi-stage dedusting and pre dedusting. Its main disadvantage is that it can prevent small dust particles (<5 μ m) The removal efficiency is low.

Post time: Dec-19-2022

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